Cartridge Heaters: The Benefits and Uses

Cartridge Heating Elements are small and flexible heating elements used primarily in industrial settings. The cylindrical-shaped heating element consists of resistive wiring wrapped in a metal sheath. An electrical insulation layer separates the outer casing and the wires. They are powered by an electric connection. Depending on the application, the size and length of the heating element can be varied. The heater’s design and shape allow it to be used in narrow and complex structures that other heaters cannot reach.

Common Benefits and Applications for Cartridge Heaters

Let’s look at the many uses and benefits of the cartridge heaters.

  • The Cartridge Heater is useful wherever heat is required to temper complex metal parts. This is especially true for closed structures like die blocks or injection moulds. The heater fits snugly into tiny openings and follows the correct course to transfer heat to the desired point upon contact with the surface.
  • This compact, lightweight heater is used to regulate the air temperature of components and devices that are susceptible to condensation like control panels or closed circuits.
  • Applicators are equipped with compact heating elements that ensure steady supply of liquid glue.
  • These heaters can also be used to heat water and chemical solutions. Because water has a natural affinity for electricity, heaters tend to draw power quite efficiently. It is crucial to calculate the heating power of the unit by the amount of water that it will heat.
  • The Cartridge Heater is also used to heat the engine’s oil reservoir. This ensures smooth engine operation. To avoid carbon buildup and overheating, choosing the right wattage unit is crucial. This can cause the heater to burn out and insulate.

Cartridge heaters offer other benefits and advantages

The heater can reach heat where it is needed and transfer it without losing energy. Direct contact is the best way to transfer heat. The metallic protective sheet reduces oxidation. A reduced energy loss and a more efficient heating process can also lead to lower electricity bills. This is a significant benefit considering the industrial scale.

The heater’s temperature sensing capabilities can help increase its usefulness and lifespan by controlling temperatures and preventing overheating. To reap maximum benefits, it is important to choose the right product (dimension and length), to ensure you get the best results. High-quality Imperial Cartridge Heaters as well as Metric Cartridge Heaters are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and wattages to suit different requirements. Our imperial cartridge heaters measure 1/4 inch in size, while metric cartridge heaters measure 6.5mm. The waterproofed, sealed heating units ensure that the device’s integrity is maintained at all times. They come in a variety of specifications.