Bee Removal – An Eco-Responsible Method to Get Rid of Unwanted Bees

Live removal is safer and more eco-friendly than extermination when a colony of bees is found in undesirable areas.

Property owners often insist on the immediate destruction of bee colonies if they are within close proximity to their homes or recreational areas. Most people don’t realize how important these insects are to our food supply. As much as a third of all food crops worldwide rely on honeybees for pollination to bear fruit. The shocking truth is that the global bee population is on the verge of collapse. Scientists blame everything, from parasites to pesticides, but no one seems to know what’s causing this decline in bee population.

These bees are essential for pollinating crops. So why is it that so many people feel the need kill them? Even though the threat of aggressive Africanized bees diminishes, they continue to interbreeding with more gentle varieties. Even the most beneficial insects can’t be allowed to live wherever they want. For most people, attics, roofs, walls, trees, and bushes may be too close to their comfort zone.

There are eco-responsible, humane Honey Bee Removal companies that can relocate these insects, their honeycombs and hives without causing death to the colony. Experiential bee catchers can not only relocate the bees but also remove and fix the honeycomb and hive to prevent future colonies. The honeycomb can become a problem if it isn’t removed from the hive with it. It could stain and damage the structure. Honey smell attracts other bee swarms and rodents, moths, or other insects. Expert removal companies know that thorough cleaning is essential to avoid re-infestation or other problems.

Scientists will eventually have to decide if mankind is directly or indirectly responsible. Let’s stop killing these beneficial insects. These tiny creatures are not generally dangerous to humans and play an important role in food production. Humane bee removal is safe and eco-friendly. Many beekeepers can have their colonies relocated at no additional cost by bee removal companies. You should choose a company that will move your bees to a suitable location. This will allow them to continue doing what they love.

Honey is not only a pollinator of the earth, but it’s also a source of complete food for us. Honey is thought to soothe sore throats, and boost immunity to combat many diseases and infections. Bee pollen can also be used for health purposes. For centuries, Chinese medicine and medical practices have used bee poison and its stingers to treat many diseases, including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, tendonitis, and multiple sclerosis. This treatment is also known as bee-venom therapy, or apitherapy. Many bee venom users find it extremely effective in relieving symptoms of diseases such as those mentioned.

You now have some information about bee removals. Take a moment to ponder these facts and then call your local honey removal company to schedule a bee-free appointment. Live bee removal can save your home, the bees and the planet.