All You Need To Know About Round-Cut Engagement Rings

Chances are at least one person you know has an erfahrungen Uhren Trauringe with a round-cut diamond. Since the most popular diamond cut on the market (that the vast majority of diamonds sold are around ), it is everywhere–and also for really good motive. This timeless silhouette makes for a sparkly diamond which really outshines all others. If you’d like something classy and tasteful but also blindingly brilliant, you can not fail with a round rock.

We talked with jewelers Olivia Landau and George Khalife to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of round-cut diamonds, and to what to look for while looking for a more round-cut diamond.

Pros and Cons of Round-Cut Diamonds

Apart from the fact that their popularity makes them simple to discover, round-cut diamonds have a good deal of different advantages. “Round diamonds are one of the most brilliant shapes and have great sparkle,” says Landau. When you buy a round diamond, you know that it’s likely to be more glittering all of the time.

That is not all, however:”They tend to mask color better than other shapes,” says Landau. “You can have more flexibility than other shapes.” With the ideal hardness amounts, round diamonds will seem white and bright. “They are great at camouflaging inclusions as well because of how sparkly they are,” adds Landau. They are also super flexible: Round-cut diamonds look great in almost any setting and in almost any fashion ring.

It is tough to find something negative about a round-cut diamond, however there’s one huge downside: they are pricey. “They are the most expensive diamond,” states Khalife. Between the need for round diamonds along with how they go out of fashion, this trimming will price you. Khalife additionally points out that round diamonds can at times seem smaller than other reductions. If you are on any type of budget, then this usually means that you want to choose what’s important for you: the size or the texture and colour.

Things to Look for in a Round-Cut Diamond

Landau claims to pay careful attention to carat dimensions when selecting a round diamond. “For most fancy cuts, their carat weight doesn’t necessarily directly correlate to how large the diamond will be,” she clarifies. “But for round brilliants (within the same cut grade), a larger carat weight generally means that it will be bigger.”

The trimming is an very important point to listen to here. “The cut determines how well proportioned and sparkly your stone will be,” Landau says. “Fun fact: Round brilliants have a cut grade because they have ideal proportions (a perfect circle). You want to make sure you have an excellent cut to get the most sparkle. The lowest I would recommend going is very good. Excellent to very good is the safe range!”

Again, decide what’s important to you: the size or the texture and colour. “I look at it like a big balancing scale with the carat, color, and clarity,” Khalife states. “Those who want to see that bigger sized diamond may have to sacrifice the color and clarity. Those who want to see a bright white diamond may need to balance with a smaller carat size.”